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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Custom Curtain Rods

Last Christmas I got the Domino Book of Decorating and it inspired me to take the time to make my living space something I really loved. One of the first decorating projects were these custom curtain rods. First we measured the length of all our windows and went to Home
Depot. We purchased 3/4" steel piping, flanges and elbows. The total came to around $90 for three windows. Home depot is great because they cut and thread the pipes for you right then and there for no extra charge. When we got home we measured where the flanges would be drilled to the wall using the template of the actual flange. Before drilling the rods to the wall we had to assemble everything. Slide the curtains onto the rod first, attach the elbows to the pipes and the flanges to the elbows and you are ready to hang. We drilled holes into the wall where we marked and installed anchors to support the weight of the rod. Then used countersunk screws to secure everything to the wall. For steel piping, they actually add a very unique and elegant touch to each room. I just LOVE my custom curtain rods!

{steel pipe}


Posted By: Nichole


  1. This design looked so unique because the curtain rod is made up of water pipe and it really looked extra ordinary. I think I might just want to try that one also with my curtains at home. Maybe I must go also to brass pipe suppliers or brass rod suppliers and take a look at different kinds of their water pipes.


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