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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Tissue Paper Flowers

I have always wanted to give tissue paper flowers a try. I followed Martha Stewart's tutorial for Crepe Paper Flowers. This is a great project because it doesn't require a lot of supplies and the result comes out so pretty!


Crepe paper in various colors

3/16-inch wooden dowel

Small saw or clippers, for the dowel

Floral tape

Masking tape

{Instead of using crepe paper, I used tissue paper}

{Instead of using floral tape for the stem, I used Martha Stewart's Decorative Tape. You can find this at}

{I was able to cut the wooden dowel with my Martha Stewart All-Purpose Scissors}

{My Tissue Paper Flower!}

Posted By: Nichole

Perforating My Motorcycle Jacket

Nichole and Melissa have all these great posts so I thought I would contribute with my macho craft that I did last night, yes that's right, I said macho craft. Summer is here and I can finally get some good Sunday rides in without freezing my hands and face off. I bought this jacket last summer and only wore it a couple times at night as it was too hot for our humid New York summers. So I decided to perforate the leather to get some good airflow through the jacket when out on the road.

{My Alpinestar RC-1 Jacket}

I figured I wanted about an inch between each perforation so I found a website that lets you size and download graph paper for free. I punched holes through the paper so I could use it as a template on the jacket.

{Template and Screw Punch}

{Martha Stewart Screw Punch}

Nichole thankfully had some of her fashion chalk handy so I used it to mark where the holes will be punched on the jacket through the template.
It created a nice grid for me to then use the handy, but not so manly, Martha Stewart Screw Punch. The tool twists as you push down so it cuts a perfect whole in the leather. I used a healing board behind where I was cutting so I didn't cut through the back as well.


I was thoroughly impressed with my crafting skills as was Nichole when she saw the finished product. It looks great and doesn't compromise the jacket fit at all. I can't wait to test it out on Sunday as it looks like the weather is going to be great.

Posted By: Daniel

The Original Glass Straw

My sister emailed me an article about these glass straws last night and all I could say is "shut up!" I am officially in love with these glass straws from Glass Dharma. I drink everything through a straw, I can't drink it if it doesn't have a straw in it! Now I no longer have to feel guilty about throwing away all that plastic because I can just wash these. The best part about Glass Dharma is they are giving a away one free straw to everyone for Earth Month. All you have to do is email with the subject line "free please", why you would like a free straw and don't forget to include your first name and last initial. But you better hurry because the coupon code expires tonight at midnight! I just ordered my free straw and I can tell you now I will be ordering more!

{simple elegance}

{beautiful bends}

I am not sure which style I like better but I just might have to get both :) Not only are they very functional but their sleek design will be great for entertaining.

Posted By: Nichole

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Weekend In New York

Melissa, one of the members of the team is also my sister. She came to visit me in NY last weekend and she just posted all about her trip at Melissa's Greetings. She took the photo below of Park Avenue in the city. Check out her blog to see more about her weekend and more of her wonderful photography!

{photo taken by Melissa}

Posted By: Nichole

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Custom Curtain Rods

Last Christmas I got the Domino Book of Decorating and it inspired me to take the time to make my living space something I really loved. One of the first decorating projects were these custom curtain rods. First we measured the length of all our windows and went to Home
Depot. We purchased 3/4" steel piping, flanges and elbows. The total came to around $90 for three windows. Home depot is great because they cut and thread the pipes for you right then and there for no extra charge. When we got home we measured where the flanges would be drilled to the wall using the template of the actual flange. Before drilling the rods to the wall we had to assemble everything. Slide the curtains onto the rod first, attach the elbows to the pipes and the flanges to the elbows and you are ready to hang. We drilled holes into the wall where we marked and installed anchors to support the weight of the rod. Then used countersunk screws to secure everything to the wall. For steel piping, they actually add a very unique and elegant touch to each room. I just LOVE my custom curtain rods!

{steel pipe}


Posted By: Nichole

Monday, April 27, 2009

Brooklyn Botanic Garden

This weekend we had perfect weather here in NY, enjoying the weekend was a must! We all took a trip to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden and it is one of my favorite places to visit. If you live in the area and ever need to get away and revive your creativity, this is the place to go. Inspiration is everywhere and Melissa captured all of it in her amazing photography. Some of our favorites are below.

{This is Daniel's favorite photo of the day, the cherry blossoms were beautiful and the sky was so blue!}

{This is Melissa's favorite photo of the day, she loved the pale pink shades and how the flowers on the tree looked like a mixture between cherry blossoms and peonies}

{This cactus was my favorite, they were shaped like roses}

{I am also in love with the color in this photo, it was too hard to pick just one favorite}

{Photos taken by Melissa}

Posted By: Nichole

Martha, Martha, Martha

Give yourself the gift of Martha Stewart Crafts this spring! We just got in more "can't live without" products at The craft punches can be used for one of a kind card making and I recently packed a gift box full of confetti that I made with the ribbon bow punch (shown below). The bird stamp set and gold metallic stamp pad (also shown below) make beautiful embellishments on almost anything. You can even cut out the birds to create a dimensional look on your scrapbook pages! Adhesive tape is all the rage right now and of course, we have some of that too!

Posted By: Nichole

Thursday, April 23, 2009

ScrappyTime Product Love: Martha Stewart Seaside Paper Lanterns

These Seaside Paper Lanterns from Martha Stewart remind me that summer is right around the corner.  They are so pretty and so easy to use, all you have to do is take them out of the package, unfold and hang!  My sister had them at her beach wedding and we scattered them all over the room on tables and shelves.  These are new to and we just love how they can brighten any room.

Each package contains three 12 1/4 inch diameter paper lanterns and three 8 inch diameter paper lanterns.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

My Crafty Space {Nichole}

Martha's craft space is a crafter's dream space, Melissa's is serene and totally her and here is my crafty space!

{my desk}

{my chalkboard i made from an old chalkboard and frame from michaels}

{my bookshelf that i just painted yesterday}

{top shelf, my autographed copy of Martha Stewart's Encyclopedia of Crafts and of course a candy dish}

{dessert stand}

{a few of my sketches}

{side view of my desk}

{close up of my wall shelf and some framed Martha Stewart paper}

{just in case i need a nap after a long day of crafting}

{bed: cb2, lamp: cb2, table: pier one, cashmere bear: banana republic, pillows: pier one and cb2}

Posted By: Nichole

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Oldie But a Goodie

Our post on Martha's amazing craft space inspired Melissa and I to work on our own crafty spaces (see Melissa's craft space below). I craft all over the place but my main craft area is in my office. There was something that I didn't like about the space and I just couldn't put my finger on it, but I finally figured it out! This brown bookshelf was feeling outdated and didn't really match anything. All it needed was a fresh coat of white paint and now an old piece of furniture is a pretty new bookshelf! All I used was a can of leftover white trim paint and an extra paint brush I had laying around. I was surprised it only needed two coats of paint. I can't wait until the shelf is dry and ready for my supplies. Check back tomorrow for new pictures of my craft space!

Post By: Nichole

Ribbon Bookmark

If you saw my crafty space yesterday you could probably tell I have a small ribbon collection. So I was very excited today to see that the Martha Stewart Craft of the Day was a ribbon bookmark. It makes me happy when I can create a simple craft with things I already have including the decorative ribbon tape from!

{my supplies}

{my ribbon bookmark}

Posted By: Melissa

Monday, April 20, 2009

My Crafty Space {Melissa}

I am very lucky to have my own crafty room that I created with the things I love including my keepsakes and my favorite color, aqua blue. It's filled with all the supplies I use to create and that inspire my creativity. Here is a look inside my crafty space :)

{my desk and memory board}

{close up of my desk with my new favorite book}

{close up of my wall shelves}

{my inspiration cork board}

{my Martha Stewart Living collection}

Posted By: Melissa
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