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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Perforating My Motorcycle Jacket

Nichole and Melissa have all these great posts so I thought I would contribute with my macho craft that I did last night, yes that's right, I said macho craft. Summer is here and I can finally get some good Sunday rides in without freezing my hands and face off. I bought this jacket last summer and only wore it a couple times at night as it was too hot for our humid New York summers. So I decided to perforate the leather to get some good airflow through the jacket when out on the road.

{My Alpinestar RC-1 Jacket}

I figured I wanted about an inch between each perforation so I found a website that lets you size and download graph paper for free. I punched holes through the paper so I could use it as a template on the jacket.

{Template and Screw Punch}

{Martha Stewart Screw Punch}

Nichole thankfully had some of her fashion chalk handy so I used it to mark where the holes will be punched on the jacket through the template.
It created a nice grid for me to then use the handy, but not so manly, Martha Stewart Screw Punch. The tool twists as you push down so it cuts a perfect whole in the leather. I used a healing board behind where I was cutting so I didn't cut through the back as well.


I was thoroughly impressed with my crafting skills as was Nichole when she saw the finished product. It looks great and doesn't compromise the jacket fit at all. I can't wait to test it out on Sunday as it looks like the weather is going to be great.

Posted By: Daniel


  1. I'm wearing leather jackets with no pockets on the front, i like only side pocket

  2. Such a fantastic jacket , seems comfort to wear i really like it.

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